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Trust, experience and knowledge is what Scotty's Auto Service stands for.



Does it feel like you are pulling a semi-trailer every time you hit the brakes? A brake service from Scotty's Auto Service will have you stopping like a dream!

Our highly qualified technicians will carry out all of your brake service needs, including brake pad replacement, brake disc rotor replacement and brake repairs.


As you already know, healthy brakes are an important safety item, and it is essential that your vehicle braking system is regularly checked. This will ensure that you, your family and other road users will also be safe.


If any of the following is an issue, it is important to have your brakes checked immediately. Bring your car into Scotty's Auto Service and we will inspect the problem and guide you through any options before undertaking any work.​

  • A dashboard light indicating an issue with the braking system

  • Strange sounds when applying pressure to your brakes

  • Handling is harder when braking

  • Vibrating, spongy or slow responding brake pedal

  • Increased braking distance

When you bring your car to Scotty's Auto Service, your brake disc pads will be checked for wear and tear, rotors will be machined or replaced as needed. Brake fluid should be changed regularly to prevent contamination, which leads to overheating.

If you suspect your brakes are not operating optimally, then call us today at 616.662.2319. We use quality parts and fluids and save you and others from untimely accidents in the process.

New car? No worries


Where you have your car serviced is your choice, even when it is within the warranty period. Scotty's Auto Service is fully qualified to service your in-warranty car/truck and maintain the manufacturers servicing schedule.  Visit us, for your next service or brake replacement, you will enjoy value for your money and knowledgeable friendly service!

Brakes and brake service

- everything you need to know!

Modern vehicle disc brakes are on all four wheels and function by hydraulics. Many vehicles have disc brakes on the front wheels as they take most of the weight when the brakes are applied. Drum brakes may be used on the back wheels. High performance or newer cars can have all disc brakes and older, smaller cars can have all drum brakes.

When you apply pressure to your brake pedal, the force is transferred to slow or stop your car. The power from a human leg is obviously not enough to stop a car, so through the physics of leverage, hydraulics and friction, the force you put on the brake is multiplied by a factor of 36 by the time the brakes come into effect. The caliper has one or more hydraulic cylinders containing pistons. Whenever you press the brake pedal, the pistons exert pressure on the brake pad.

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