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Have you heard that oil is the lifeblood of your car? This is true. Do not wait too long for oil/lubrication changes and oil filter upgrades.

Oil reduces friction between mechanical parts in a car and therefore reduces wear. Oil forms a barrier between the pistons, rings and cylinder walls, as well as working to help cool engine parts. . 

You will be able to tell if your oil needs a change by inspecting the engine oil dipstick. If the oil is healthy, it will be light brown and clear. When oil is darker, has flecks in it, or smells burnt, it is time to call us! 

Replacing engine and other lubricating fluids regularly guarantees that no impurities can build up. With time, this build up can become abrasive or the fluids are less effective and can cause damage to your engine and car.

When you bring your car to Scotty's Auto Service for an oil change, we will drain the oil, replace the filter and fill the engine with a suitable, high-quality oil. We will check all other fluids and top them off if needed.

The right engine oil for your vehicle: 

Engines are sophisticated and manufacturers specify certain grades of oil for different models. For this reason, we recommend you visit us for your next oil change so we can help you select the best choice for your car.

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